What Kind Of Equipment Do Estheticians Use?


An Esthetician is a person who is very versed in the skill of beauty and artistic expression and who is capable of giving facials, manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatment to all men and women. Equipment for estheticians can be found at many beauty salons, day spas, massage parlors, and many other types of beauty retail outlets and salons.

Equipment For Estheticians are usually purchased through suppliers who sell these types of supplies to the workers in the beauty industry. Esthetician equipment can consist of the tools needed to work on the customer, the furniture needed for the customer to sit in or lie down on, or the equipment needed by the beauty technician in order to help them do their job.

The Equipment For Estheticians can include IPL's, displays, oxygen, barber chairs, beauty beds, hair steamers, equipment for facials, hood dryers, types of furniture, sterilizers, pedicure equipment, manicure equipment, styling chairs, styling stations, shampoo equipment, IR lamps, reception area furniture, any and all accessories, spa equipment, trolleys, stools, and waxing equipment.

The Equipment For Estheticians when it comes to the furniture can be anything that the customer needs, the estheticians needs, or the salon that the work is being done in needs. Esthetician equipment can include love seats, waiting chair, barber chairs of many types that can have many functions to them or not so many, pedicure seats that have the stool attached and sometimes the tub attached where the water and solution are put into for the clients feet. There are also many other types of furniture related equipment such as massage tables, laying tables, and special facial type chairs.

The accessory equipment for estheticians would include blow dryers, hair clippers, razors, scissors, hair straighteners, capes, gloves, massage tools, scrubs, cotton, towels, and also many other types of accessories that these workers would need.

There are many place where the equipment for estheticians can be purchased rather it is a physical retail beauty outlet or rather it is from the many websites found on the internet that sell these types of products. Depending on what type of esthetician you may be, will determine on the type of equipment you purchase for your shop but having the right equipment is a necessity to this type of career.


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